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If children are staying for lunch, please provide a nutritional lunch, clearly named. If babies require dummies/bottles, please bring prepared and clearly named. All food must be given to a staff member to be refrigerated.

Please bring a piece of fruit to be shared for morning and afternoon tea. If children are staying after 4.30pm, please provide a nutritional snack.

Water is provided throughout the day and at lunchtime, morning and afternoon tea, and snack time.

Morning Tea






Afternoon Tea






Parents are requested not to send drinks including juice boxes or any type of training cup. Baby bottles are permitted. The Centre aims to prevent cross infection and encourage the children’s independence and development.



To minimise the risk of exposure to a known allergen the Centre requests that the following are not sent to the service:

  • Peanuts, Tree nuts or Nut Products
  • Whole Egg, Egg Products or anything containing egg
    e.g. birthday cakes, sweet and savoury biscuits, cakes, muffins
  • Chocolate and Chocolate Products
  • Shellfish
  • Food Packaging for any of the above risk foods
    e.g. cereal boxes, egg cartons 



Parents are to provide clearly named items in a named bag, each time children attend the Centre.

Babies /Toddlers: nappies, full change of clothes, personal comforter eg. teddy

Older Children: full change of clothes

For children who require a sleep, please supply 2 cot sheets.

For children toilet training, please supply extra clothing.


Children should be dressed in comfortable, manageable clothes and shoes. For safety, thongs and party shoes are not permitted. Belts and braces, buckles and zips are not encouraged as some children cannot manage these, especially during toilet training.

In line with the Centre’s Sunsmart Policy, when outside children are required to wear loose fitting clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Tops with elbow length sleeves, and if possible, collars and knee length or longer style shorts are best. (The Centre provide hats for all children).

The Centre requests that warm clothing be supplied during the colder months as most days the children will spend time outdoors.

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